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Dj Kalero

Makondo EP


Dj kalero es productor y mezclador de House Music , es el primer Dj que introdujo el House Music  a Colombia , y desde entonces se ha encargado de impulsar la cultura dj en nuestro país a través de toda su carrera .

Hoy nos presenta su nueva producción  MAKONDO EP para rendirle un tributo a la música Afro Colombiana, representado por el sello discográfico underground collective. 


He  grew up in New York City and Chicago where he deeply fell in Love with House Music.

He was responsible for bringing House music to Colombia for the very first time 22 years ago back in 1988.

Back in 1999 he had the chance to be the Dance Music label manager of a big Record Company and he had the responsibility to promote venue parties and bring House Indie labels to Colombia. This effort contributed to expand Electronic music in our country and make the Dj scene stronger.

He has been producing music for almost 10 years now and his new EP was released in late April and it can be downloaded it from Traxsource, Beatport, Stompy, Amazon and ITunes …

Underground Collective Records is the label that signed him as an artist leaded by the well known NY Dj Producer Marlon D … And by the way, UC is becoming stronger and stronger in Colombia as the only and the best Deep House party scene in the country.
KALERO SAYS: Thanks to all the people from for inviting me to be part of this website section … Thank you guys for opening the doors for me … Remember, I will be in Medellin soon playing my music so be on the look for that … and well before I go, I lastly wanted to tell you to be Original, Believe in your Dreams, Do not hate … better yet contribute to make this House Music Industry more prosperous because it is getting  stronger  and stronger in Colombia everyday.

I love you guys … thank you for opening the doors for me and until the next time …


05 de Junio de 2010

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